Make me a blessing to someone!

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The Special BLESSING


Good News Club-Workshop

Sept 10th at Kerrville Bible Church, Texas.

TKM: Dr. Nancy Shields

GNC: Maridelle Crake




“Make me a blessing to others” was my prayer last April.  I was flying monthly to Texas to work on settling my stepmothers’ estate.   It was taking up so much time and weekends that would normally be filled with in-church workshops. God provided a lull of 6 months with no scheduled weekends.  I knew God would control my schedule as He always does.

April was a discouraging month of waiting. “Make me a blessing, please, to someone”!  God answered my prayer immediately.  I flew in to San Antonio, Texas on a Saturday and was too tired to drive to Kerrville where the property was.  I prayed and work up early Sunday morning and realized I could go to church.  My daughter pointed out a Bible church that had an AWANA program when she visited in December, so I drove up as church service began.  As I stepped into the parking lot, a cheerful voice greeted me.  She was so friendly I felt at ease immediately.  Others ladies joined as we settled for the service chatted and joined us to listen to the message.  After church I made my introductions and explained how I got there that morning and my teacher training background as well as working with Good News Clubs in the past.   Maridelle exclaimed, “you must be an answer to my prayer”.  It turns out she is a Good News Club co-ordinator, based at Kerrville Bible church. She coordinates a number of  these Bible clubs in the public schools in Kerrville, Ingram and Fredericksburg.

They have not had any refocusing or help for their volunteers in a long time and have been under pressure to leave at some locations.  As we talked back and forth, I knew God wanted me to help.  I sent Toolkit’s information to their mission board and Maridelle selected a 2 workshop seminar for Saturday, September 10th for her teachers just going back into the school system.  It was a huge blessing and answer to both our prayers and for these workers in the trenches of the public schools.  

As I heard the history of these Good News Clubs and their burden to reach the children with the Bible, I was amazed at the oppositions they have faced.  They told me what a blessing and  encouragement the seminar was to them and I rejoice to see how God works through multiple situations and answers the prayers of His people. 

Now we ask for special prayer for these workers and this ministry and for wisdom and strength for their teachers and their leader, Maridelle.  I will be back to do some more classes if she asks for them, but I am so thrilled to see God using Toolkit again in the workshop form through not only local churches but parachurch organizations like Good News Clubs outreach to public school Bible clubs in Texas and Children’s Bible Ministry to public schools in Maryland.

Please pray a hedge of protection as this summer the threat of conflict with “Satan Clubs” being formatted to approach public schools is now on the agenda in several states.  They only seem to be aiming at the schools that host Bible based clubs which may cause enough conflict to have all clubs omitted.  We pray the Lord holds the door open to these children and for these faithful workers.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Toolkit nextJ    

Always in Christ, Dr. Nancy


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