What if I never asked?

Sharing our faith in Christ is only easy when the person who is listening is eager to hear.  It is a scary thing to talk about Christ in today’s world.

After receiving Christ as my personal savior, God began a new life in me and a new purpose.  I learned from wise mentors how to share Christ with others and through a missionary’s challenge, began opening my home to children in the neighborhood for Bible clubs.

I remember a summer day teaching a “Watermelon Party”, a Bible club using colors to share the Good News with the children.  The event was on blankets in the grassy, public area in front of my home.  I had one helper and about 2 dozen children.  In the area was a group of teen boys, riding their bikes.  They were older teens, loud and shouting a lot of foul language at each other. I was concerned and thought there was going to be gang fight right in front of the children, so I prayed.  Then I walk over to ask them to move their dispute to another area.  After much heckling and foul language, the group moved to another street.  All, except two very large teens that continued to circle the area.

The children sang songs, played some memory verse games and then it was story time.   As I shared the lesson, I could see the larger of the two boys stop behind the children.  I didn’t know if he was listening or waiting for a right time to cause disruption the club.  I shared God’s love and the problem we have because of our sin nature that separates us from our holy, creator God. The only solution to the problem came from God himself when He sent God the Son, Jesus, to earth 2000 years ago in the form of a man.  He willingly took the penalty for all sin when He paid with His blood on the cross and died.  The payment was accepted as complete, when Jesus came alive again 3 days later.  The Good News is sin is paid for…the choice is now up to each boy and girl, man and woman whether to accept the payment on their behalf, or to refuse it.

I asked the children what their choice was.  Many signified that they had already accepted and received God’s gift of eternal life (John 3:16).  But two little ones had questions.  I had them follow me over to the tree.  As I sat down with them, the large teen pulled his bike up behind me.

It felt like he was breathing down my back.  He was 6’2” to my 5’2” and looked very angry.  I ignored him so I could talk with the 2 children.  As it turned out, one just needed assurance and the youngest one didn’t understand sin, so I prayed with them and sent them back to play review games with my helper.

My instinct was to ignore the huge, angry teenager looming over me and follow the children back as quickly as possible.  But a small voice stopped me cold and without thinking what to do or say, I spun around.  Smiling into his overpowering gaze, I asked, “What about you?  Would you like to receive Jesus as your own personal Savior from sin?” I held my breath as the moment seemed to freeze in time.

The boy’s demeanor began to transform in front of me as he melted into tears.  “Oh yes, I thought you’d never ask me.” He received Christ as his own as he humbly prayed and commit His life to Jesus.  He was so ready to make a decision.

God blessed me in having a part in this young man’s new life in Christ.  I was so close to running away from the opportunity because of my fear.    I often ask myself,  What if I had never asked????


Psalm 51:12-13

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and uphold me with thy free spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways; and sinners shall be converted unto thee.

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