Sample Workshop



Sample Workshop Tape (230 MB file!) (Temporarily Not Available)




9:00-9:30           Orientation, Registration, Introduction


9:30                  “Developing Your Testimony”  –  Illustrative method of taking

                          Your history + His Story = Testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ


9:50am            Sharing the Gospel with Colors-Your Tool Kit (pt 1)

                        (includes demonstration and hands-on participation)

Use simple colors to present Gospel. This method is useful in basic counseling of the lost & saved of all ages and language background.


11:00am          Sharing the Gospel with Colors- Your Tool Kit (Pt 2)

Learn thought-provoking questions to leading a person to a decision for Christ using colors, helps for assurance as well as instructing in basic Christian concepts to help the newly saved grow.


12-12:30pm     LUNCH:   


12:30-1:30       Choice of Class:  (one of the following)

Sing unto the Lord  or Scriptures that sing (adding song time)

Missions for All (adding missions to the class time)

Discipline in the classroom (positive helps to maintaining order)

Learning can be fun (games/contests)

Teaching from the Word (Bible lesson preparation)


1:30-2:20         Putting it all together:

Learn how to key in on ONE main theme to grow the saved and still reach the unsaved with effective class planning.  This is the method for preparing for a “dynamic “ teaching time.




2:40-3:15         (Live Demo)      Team Teachers


Live demonstration of techniques and interaction of team with students.

“Be a KID AGAIN” – you are the student in a class of team teachers- Experience the class from the seat of your student.  Ideas may be geared up or down for all age groups.


3:15-3:30         Closing challenge


  Half-day workshops are also available starting with the morning session above.

Note:  All student materials are supplied by Tool Kit Ministries.