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Workshop Classes Available by Category:

 (Workshops are generally 50-60 minutes in length)

For:  General & Christian Workers OUTREACH (teens to grandparents)

Developing Your TestimonyAn illustrative method of taking your history + His Story = Your Testimony to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Simple use of 8 basic questions that can help Christians develop a useful tool to connect with friends, families and strangers for Christ.  Live demonstration included.

Sharing the Gospel with Colors- Your Tool kit (Part 1)   – Using simple colors to present the Gospel.  This tool is useful in basic counseling for the lost and the saved of all ages and language background. (Includes demonstration and hands-on participation)

Sharing the Gospel with Colors – Your Tool Kit (Part 2)  – Learn thought-provoking questions to lead a person to a decision for Christ using colors, helps for assurance as well as instructing in basic Christian concepts to help the newly saved grow. (Class participation included)

** Basics of Creation World View:   A basic class for teachers and parents to help them to understand and defend the biblical creation message.  The course is meant to provide a simple understanding to share with children from elementary and above, providing biblical and scientific support as well reliable on-line resources.

Going beyond the walls: (neighborhood outreach) – Many ideas to reach into the community and neighborhoods to share Christ are explored.  Special event ideas such as neighborhood Bible study, country fairs, VBS, holiday events such as Birthday party for Jesus, Easter egg hunts are shared.  Included are ideas on event planning, recruiting and executing programs.

Making the Gospel Simple: (gospel basics) – Using object lessons, illustrations and colors to explain God’s simple plan of salvation.  This includes ideas to be collected and shared along with God’s Word in every day situations, including sharing John 3:16 with Colors.

Outreach, Missions & Christian Service – Explore practical ideas to reach into the community using Christian service opportunities by the students.  In addition the mission field challenge as a future vocation will be included along with practical ways to involve the students in mission activities.

****Traveling down the “Romans Road”   Review of a Gospel presentation mapping out the book of Romans plus some practical helps on assurance and discipleship. Includes hands-on practice and demonstration.  (Bring Bible)

For:  Teachers and Childrens' class workers

“5 Minute GOSPEL Object Lessons” to challenge your students.

Share and develop ideas for object lessons and illustrations to help make God’s plan of salvation more effective and duplicate-able for your students. (demonstrations included)


****Answers for Kids’ tough questions!!

Is there really a God? Is the Bible really true? Why do we look so different?  If God is good, why do bad things happen?  In today’s mixed up world as teachers, parents and leaders we need to provide clear and simple answers for the tough questions kids and adults ask. This class provides resources and helps to respond to life’s difficult questions and strengthen the faith of the students a in the foundations of God’s Word.

 “Beyond Storytelling” – encouraging life changing decisions today

How can you challenge decision making for both the unsaved and saved in one Bible lesson?  There is a simple way to address both groups, given them a challenging application from any Bible lesson to be used in their daily walk. (Illustrations included)

Creative Counseling:  This class provides effective ways of using illustrations, colors, visuals and questions for counseling for salvation, assurance and growth. This is especially geared for young people.  This is an excellent refresher class for teachers and workers in children’s ministries.

THE DYNAMIC BIBLE CLASS!!!  – Live demonstration of techniques and interaction of teaching team with students. This class includes a planned program of missions, games, songs, scripture memory and an applied BIBLE lesson that reaches both the saved and the lost.  “Be a Kid Again” and experience this powerful class from the seat of the student.

Discipline in the classroom:  This session includes positive ideas for motivating listening and participation with the students to maintain order and control within the classroom setting.  Emphasis is made on preplanning, develop your own box of helps, communication between workers and a backup plan for the problem listener.

****God is NOT an ATM Machine:  teach them to P.R.A.Y.

Jesus disciples said “Lord, teach us to pray” and yet today, for many Christians, prayer time sounds more like a list of gimme’s instead of a true conversation with our creator.  This class will have helps in effectively communicating with our Lord that can be shared with others. (includes visuals and illustrations for use in classroom)

Learning can be fun:  (scripture memory games) – God’s living Word changes lives.  We need to encourage others to feed on it daily by committing it to memory.  Discover how to put God’s Word into the hearts of others through games, competitions and personal challenges.

Putting it all together:  (Effective classroom planning) – Sharing ideas for adding components to the Bible lesson to make the teaching time exciting and meaningful.  It provides ideas on activities to reinforce ONE main teaching theme per class period while making the classroom alive with interaction in order to challenge the student to apply the theme daily to their lives.

Scripture memory with music:  This class emphasizes using music as a tool to enhance scripture memorization.  Take simple melodies and match to scripture verses to help put God’s Word in the heart of the children.  Helps on teaching the memory verse using this method are included.  Be prepared to “Sing” God’s Word in this class!

Sing unto the Lord:  (Adding song time to the classroom) Songs can be used to learn scripture and reinforce biblical concepts.  Learn how to visualize and teach choruses & hymns and to incorporate music effectively in teaching all ages.  Emphasis is on Colossians 3:16 and using music to focus on the Lord.  This in not a course on types of music.

For:  Teachers/helpers of all ages:

Application for all:  (The invitation and challenge) At the end of a Bible class the desire is to see the lesson applied and lives changed.  How can you apply the teaching to both the unsaved and saved?  There is a simple way to address both groups, giving them a challenging application from any lesson to be used in their daily walk.  (Illustrations included)

Teaching from the WORD:  (Bible lesson preparation) Learn how to prepare a Bible lesson directly from God’s Word by taking a passage, adding the GOSPEL message and invitation for the lost while applying a Christian Growth concept and challenge to saved in the same lesson.  This workshop provides simple techniques for developing the lesson plan, improving personal Bible study and teaching directly from the Word of God. (Live demonstration included.)

For:  Preschool teachers and workers:

Organizing the preschool class:  Turn the preschool class from playtime to a teaching time.  Ideas are shared such as pre-session crafts, songs, Bible lesson and review games, using learning centers, etc.  This course provides helps on understanding the tots and organizing the class hour to work as a team to reach the pre-school child.

**NEW ADVANCED workshops

*** Answers for Kids’ tough questions!!

Is there really a God? Is the Bible really true? Why do we look so different?  If God is good, why do bad things happen?  How can anyone believe God created? This class provides resources and helps to respond to life’s difficult questions and strengthen the faith of the students a in the foundations of God’s Word.

***Know What You Believe  (Pt1)  

Quite often we are challenged to provide short, concise answers for what and why we believe. Here are some helps to build confidence in:  Is the Bible true? Is God good?    What is the Gospel and who is Jesus really? Do you believe biblical creation? We are going to share some helps to be prepared to answer some of these questions.

***Share What You Believe  (Pt2)

Questions can open opportunities to share God’s message with your story.  We will use a simple method of taking your story +  His story  to develop a personal salvation testimony to share with others. In addition, we will look at ideas for using God’s daily blessings in your life as on-going personal encounters to challenge & encourage others. . 

***God’s work takes Team Work:   

 Whether you are part of a team or building a team as a leader, working with volunteers and helpers takes time, planning and communication.  This class will help with ideas on making your team more effective for God’s work.  It also includes helps for dealing with conflicts.